How ’bout a free guide to use as you set goals each year?

I’ll cut to the chase: we’ve been slaving away at our Goals Summit Guide and we’d like to send you a copy for FREE.  All you have to do is sign up for our email list, and we will send you a fresh copy hot out the digital oven.  Mmmm so warm.  So chewy.

In his heart, a man makes his plans, but the LORD directs his steps.  -Proverbs 16:9

If you’ve spent much time around here you know that we’re big on goals:  We believe that goals submitted t0- and inspired by God become raw materials for Him to work through.  We also believe that prayerful goals keep us focused, so we don’t careen around our years willy nilly.  (And if you think I use the phrase “willy nilly” as often as possible… you’re right.) Goals also help keep that feeling of powerless, aimless, fruitless anxiety out of your house; if you’ve sat down with God and your closest, closest community (that being your spouse), you can get an amazingly clear sense of which hills lying immediately before you need conquering post haste.  Hooray for clarity!

For our money, THE best possible way to set annual goals is to make a delightful weekend of the process – we call that the Family Goals Summit, and it’s something that we personally practice every year.  What you might not know is that we’re so hot on this idea that we’ve spent the last few months refining a superslick guide to walk people just like you through this process. We invested lots of thought (and money!!) into making this guide something that you can use year after year to guide your goal setting process, and now we want you to have a copy.  Bazam.

What you can expect from this guide:

  • Guidance for each day of a 3-day goal-setting retreat (it’s written for couples but a single guy would also be well served to do these exercises)
  • Blank worksheets for use in each step of the planning process
  • Tips on making this one of the most fun weekends of the year
  • Examples for each exercise to get you started

You might be reading this and thinking about how much you love the Goals Summit Guide we’ve already sent you!  If that’s you, here’s how you can help us out:  First, WE would really like to be the ones to distribute this (not you!), so send all interested parties right here (it’s why we made this page) if they’d like to be the owners of their own copy.  Second, we want your stories.  Have you set some goals this year?  Did you do something totally unique for your Family Goals Summit?  We want to know about it!  Maybe we’ll even feature you in a revision of the Goals Guide (with permission, natch).  You can talk back to us right here in the comments, or you can contact us anytime.

Just in case you thought the Summit was all spreadsheets and prayers… we leave you with the above snippet.  Go get ’em (GOALS, I mean) tiger.