LoDoFeb is upon us! If you’re wondering what that means, drop everything and read all about it.

As a guy who LEADS his money, and isn’t led BY his money, we don’t have to convince you of just how life-giving it can be to take a spending break. LoDoFeb is a reminder to our spend-softened lifestyles that neither culture nor whim is driving the financial bus in our homes. We were contemplating these truths one day as we oiled our beards, and a thought emerged (from Steve’s beard, specifically):

A raiding party of frugality.  A caravan of savers crossing the desert of luxury addiction. Men (and families) on a mission. You in?

There would be value in LoDoFeb if all we did was stuff the saved money into a bank account and felt good about the surplus. But that’s not what we’re going to do. We would rather create a boiling moshpit of LoDoFeb hype! Here’s how this is gonna go down:

  1. Sign up right here to join the challenge.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email that says we know you’re with us – but you’re not done!
  3. Time for you to become a recruiter for this little tribe. Might we be ambitious and hope for THOUSANDS of Abrahamic family dudes to get involved? We might.
  4. We will keep a running tally of how much we all SAVED, GAVE and PAID during LoDoFeb.  Could we give $10k in February as a group?  Could we kill off a mountain of debt?  Let’s see! Instructions for reporting your numbers will be in your welcome email and our tally will be anonymous.
  5. We will also solicit you for stories of victory.  Where you put all that money you didn’t spend on 26 lb gummy snakes? Didn’t give away much but crushed some toxic debt? Nice one boss, we’d like to hear about that too.
  6. Come March, we’re going to roll all this up into a power-packed story of what happens when a bunch of families get super intentional! Celebration time!