Years ago (2006? Somewhere around there), I taught for about 15 minutes on the subject of sonship.  Interestingly (at least to me), I connected sonship with submission, a super non-popular concept that we would usually NOT associate with sonship.  We tend to think that sonship is passive, something that we receive, and something that’s granted to us.  While I actually believe all of the above, I also see that sonship is something that must be acted upon for it to be actualized.

This video isn’t about parenting, at least on its face, but everything said here applies to us and our kids the same way it applies to the LORD and us.  Identity IS something that’s granted, but it’s not really internalized until it translates into behavior. Sonship and obedience go together like peas and carrots and that’s all there is to it.

Anyway, I’ll let you mull over the video to suss it out for yourself.

But first, some observations about the video:

  • Good gravy did they make taller hair a decade ago?
  • Who let me out of the house with that Houston Rocket t/white jacket combo?
  • No gray hair! And so much of it! Somebody tell this child to appreciate what he’s got! (Actually I find my gray hair to help me when teaching; I think people righly defer to people who look like they have life experience.)

Okay enough with the navel-gazing. Here’s the vid.