So we’re trying something new fellas – it’s a podcast episode!  Don’t have a pod?  No problem, neither do we.  Really this is just a conversation that I had with Mr. Steven Manuel about a topic that he’s been spending a lot of mental energy on lately.  Check it out and hear our hot sports opinions on topics such as:

  • Why you shouldn’t be a spiritual generalist
  • How to figure out what your speciality will be
  • Why small groups of men are important in this pursuit
  • When (and when not) to imitate men who are ahead of you

We really need your feedback on this – do you love the audio format?  We could always spin up a REAL podcast and throw it onto the usual channels.  Do you think we’ve stepped out of our element and need to stick to keyboards?  No problem, just say so.  In the comments.  Yeah verily – do it now!