You might not know, but Valentine

Was Abrahamic, in his way

He lived out Love in pagan Rome

And snubbed the fashion of the day:


Of Life For Self, of Pleasure King

He would not bow!  He served the God

Who rises o’er the worldly sheen

(And men who follow Him are “odd”)


St. Valentine, in contrast to

The courtiers who were his peers

Was pious, man, and prayed and lived

Ignoring men’s insults and sneers


In finance, too, he parted ways

With Mammon-worshippers du jour:

Our Valentine, he used his cash

To bless the loveless, weak, and poor


When we remember Valentine

We think of paper lace and fluff

We do disservice to this braveheart

He was made of stouter stuff:


He gave his neck up to the sword

His love ran free when blood ran red

In this, a hero! So we note:

We too must love God live or dead


LORD on this day of Val, Your Saint

My home is Yours; God, I am Thine

May I be strange in Babylon

Like my old brother Valentine

From his apocryphal Insta account.